High grade coatings can be obtained with fusing and spraying powder and wire materials in a system. Coating materials can be used in pure metal, alloy, oxide, carbide or cermet form. Desired features can be added to material by making compatible material selection.


  • Wear resistance ( abrasion, adhesion, )
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to high temperature and oxidation
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Electrical conductivity or resistivity
  • Rough and gripper surface
  • Obtaining desired surface features ( roughness, porosity, lubrication etc.)
  • Dimensional adjustments


In order to achieve desired results in coatings, coating material and method must be selected properly.


For this reason the choices are made with evaluation of many parameters such as roughness, hardness, thickness, working temperature, surface treat.


ELKAP implements thermal spray coatings on different systems with different features.


  1. Flame Spray
  2. Flame Wire Spray
  3. Electric Arc Wire Spray
  4. HVOF
  5. Plasma Spray
  6. Spray - fuse

Plasma Spray

Flame Wire Spray

Arc Wire Spray

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