Since ELKAP was founded, our company believed in core values and determined it’s policies, goals according to those values.  Also gained it’s corporate identity in line with this values.

Work Ethics

ELKAP maintains relationship between it’s customers, suppliers, rivals and employees within the limits of the law and social values.

Customer Orientation

ELKAP considers its customers as long term working partners in its commercial activities. Customer needs and demands are our focus in customer relationship. Customer satisfaction is fundamental in this relationship.

Sense of Quality

ELKAP believes that product and service quality is a crucial value in maintaining long term commercial relationship. In every process, our main principle is attaining the quality. Elkap trains and motivates it’s personnel about sustainable quality in production and services.

Team Spirit

ELKAP understands that the primal requirement of success is unification of the employees under common goals. Teamwork is essential in ELKAP’s corporal culture.

Sense of Belonging

Feelings of employees, seeing themselves as a part of our company is a critical factor for development and future of our company. Encouraging the sense of commitment among the employees and taking care of them forms a peaceful working atmosphere.

Being Open for Improvement

ELKAP sees new ideas from a supportive perspective. Following technological improvements, increasing product quality and diversity by research and development, improving production potential with new investments is a reflection of a improvement supportive management mentality.


ELKAP is a solution partner for its customers. The gathered information in the solution process, customers’ technological confidental datas and customer’s confidential business informations are never shared with third parties and companies. Reliability is a fundamental value for ELKAP.

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