Our operations are focused on reclaiming of the equipments used in petrol, natural gas, geothermal drilling operations.


ELKAP uses electrolytic hard chrome plating and thermal spraying technologies in drilling equipment repairs. Turning lathes and grinding machines are utilized in the repair operations.


Our operations mainly include various kinds of jar, motor and rotor equipments that used in drilling operations.


  • Sleeves
  • Washpipe Extensions
  • Sealed Wish pipe
  • Pump Shafts
  • Compressor Rods
  • Rotors Seals
  • Bearing Mandrels
  • Male Splines
  • Piston Housings
  • Piston Subs
  • Mud Rotors

Critical surfaces of pats such as Bearing Mandrel, Male Spline, Seled Wash pipe, Wash pipe Extension, are repaired with a series of operations.


  • Recent coating on the worn surface is removed with grinding.
  • Extremely small diameters are restored to desired diameter with steel filler coating.
  • Tungsten carbide coating with HVOF system
  • Coated surfaces are grinded within outer diameter tolerances with diamond abrasives in cylindrical grinding machines.

Tungsten carbide coated and grinded surface

Bearing Mandrels

Male Spline

Bore damage of equipments such as Piston Sub, Piston Housing, sleeve are repaired preferably with electrolytic hard chrome plating or arc wire spray coating methods. Coated inner surfaces are adjusted to desired diameter with hole grinding process.

Piston Sub


ELKAP prepares measurement control report for all repaired equipment. This report includes onarılan diameters, axial eccentricity, coating thickness and surface roughness values.


Mud Rotor

Renewal of damaged rotor is made with respect to the original form.


  • Surface control ( wear, corrosion, tear, shock)
  • Removal of present hard chrome plating or tungsten carbide coating
  • Filling deep cracks with welding and levelling
  • Rotor surface polishing, preparing for coating
  • Hard chrome plating or HVOF tungsten carbide coating
  • Machining and polishing of coated surface to its original form
  • Dimensional, coating and roughness control report preparation

Micro cracks in hard chrome plating, decreases mechanical properties of the coating; therefore, this may cause corrosion of base metal with drilling mud, especially with high chlorine containing mud. For this reason  ELKAP prefers tungsten carbide coatings with HVOF system.

Tungsten carbide coatings are micro crack free and these coatings form a hard and dense protective layer.

ELKAP manufactures equipment such as Stabilizer Sleeves, Flow Restrictors in its machine shop with utilizing machines such as CNC lathe and  machining center. In manufacturing, proper standard materials are preferred. Working surfaces are coated with tungsten carbide based thermal powder and grinded with diamond abrasives.

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