Since 1984 ELKAP provides hard chrome solutions. With extensive knowledge and growing capacity, Elkap is a solution partner for many companies in this field.

Bridle Roll / Steel Industry


Bladder Mould Core

Electrolytic hard chrome has a wide industrial usage because of its advantages.


  • High hardness (900-1050HV)
  • Low friction coefficent
  • High wear resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Excellent bonding with main material
  • Good machinability  (grinding, honing, lapping, polishing, shot blasting)
  • Very low porosity


Additionally, as a coating application it has some critical advantages.


  • Coating process temperature is 50 – 55 °C which poses no deformation risks.
  • Ability to be recoated and removed from main material without causing any damage to main material.
  • With proper plating baths, extremely small and large workpieces can be plated.
  • With compatible anode configuration, outer surfaces or boreholes can be plated.
  • Extremely thin coating thickness ( 1 µm) can be achieved. In obligatory cases extremely thick ( above 1 mm ) coatings can be achieved.

Structure of Nodular Hard Chrome Plating

Tire Mould

Bladder Mould


Turbine Shafts

Roller Shells

In hard chrome plating electrolyte composition is critical. Coating quality comprises many factors such as hardness, refulgence,  micro fracture structure, coating rate, bonding directly related with electrolytes features. ELKAP maintains high coating quality standards by using high grade electrolytics. Continuous control over electrolytic values in plating baths is essential for sustainable plating standard.

ELKAP performs coating operations in plating baths with respect to workpiece geometry and dimensions. For plating different types of work pieces such as roll, shaft, sleeve, molding plating baths in different shapes and dimensions are designed. Our workshop has numerous plating baths with various capacities. Rolls with  1300 mm diameter and shafts with 5000 mm length can be plated.

Aluminium Rolls (Nodular Hard Chrome Plating)

ELKAP applies hard chrome plating with different material types. Plating of various industrial materials such as Low carbon steels, high carbon steels, heat treated steels, stainless steels, high quality steels, steel casting, metal plated surfaces, additionally aluminium, copper, copper alloys are ELKAP’s field of expertise.

Engraved Paper Roll

Hard chrome plated surfaces forms differently due to its usage area. Coated surfaces can be used without any machining process as well as desired roughness value can be obtained with shot blasting, grinding or superfinishing.

Feed Rolls ( Synthetic Fiber )

For some working conditions, nodular hard chrome plating is ideal. Various friction problems are solved by obtaining desired surface roughness with plating structure consist of microscopic nodes. Frequently used in synthetic yarn , fiber and flat steel production.

Feed Rolls ( Steel Industry )

ELKAP provides hard chrome platin solutions for various industrial sectors such as flat steel sheet,  aluminium plate and foil, synthetic filament and fiber, steel wire, paper, defence, machine manufacturing, petrochemical, rubber and plastic, food, textile, automotive.

Flat steel rolls, paint line rolls, drawing rolls, paper slabs, turbine shafts, hydraulic piston shafts, rubber and plastic molds, feeder rolls, guide roller, wrapping cylinders, pump pistons, homogenisation pistons, calender cylinders,  cloth rollers, artillery barrels, crushing rolls, plastic extruders, general purpose mills, shafts, housings, rolls, diameter adjustments, special engineering applications  are frequent field of applications of hard chrome plating.

Work Roll

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