By passing through strong electric arc in the spray gun, noble gases ( argon and hydrogen ) ionizes and forms a plasma flame with up to 10000 °C core temperature. Directed through this flame thermal powders are sprayed with high velocities.

Extreme core temperature plasma flame can easily melt hard-to-melt materials like ceramics thermal dusts and bond them to main material strongly.

In the coating period distortion and dimensional deformation is avoided by controlling the temperature of work piece.

In plasma spraying, thermal powders with various features are used.

  • Ceramics (aluminium oxide, titanium oxide, chrome oxide, zirconium oxide)
  • Carbides (tungsten carbide, chrome carbide)
  • Metal & metal mixtures ( nickel, iron, aluminium, cobalt, copper, molibdenum, titanium based thermal dusts )
  • Cermets (metal and ceramic mixtures)

Plasma spraying applications are widely used in industrial processes. These applications provide solutions for wear problems, high temperature corrosions, acid and basic environments, thermal barrier forming.


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