Sprayed on the main material surface, obtained by annealing meltable thermal powder. Main principle of this method is thermal powder coating with flame spray, following with torch annealing. This process also named as RW method.


By using annealing torch and induction current, when the 1000 – 1100 °C diffusion temperature is reached sprayed thermal powder starts to melt and forms a metallurgical bond with main material. Results of this annealing is dense, close texture, a  good bonding with the surface, additionally  high working temperature, high resistance to thermal shocks.


In this coating method, nickel and cobalt based meltable thermal powders are used.  Ni Cr B Si and  CoNi Cr Mo Si B mixtures are frequently applied. Tungsten carbide compositions of thermal powders can form coatings over 65 HRC hardness values.


High annealing temperature may cause dimensional deformations. Therefore this coating application is used on new products preferably. Application thickness can reach  2 - 2.5 mm.


In some cases, spraying melted thermal powder from special spraying gun is preferred in coatings. Applicable for smaller surfaces with this system  coarse grained carbide coatings can be obtained. ( Eutolloy spray system )


Wire drawing rollers and pulleys, carrier rollers, table rolls, guide pulleys, screw conveyor, mixer blades, wear plates, shafts, pump housings, cam shafts, tensioner rolls,  stripper blades etc. are some examples of field of applications.

Eutoloy Coating System

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