ELKAP provides coating, grinding and custom manufacturing services.


Industrial coating operations include consulting and coating operations on hard chrome plating and thermal spraying to customer machine manufacturer company.


  • Industrial Hard Chrome Applications.
  • Thermal Spray Coating Applications


Plasma Spray

Ceramic oxide (aluminium oxide, chrome oxide, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide),metal and metal alloy, cermet coatings.


HVOF Spray

Carbide (tungsten carbide, chrome carbide),metal alloy coatings.


Arc and Flame Wire Spray

Iron, nickel, aluminium, tin, zinc based coatings.


Spray & Fuse

Nickel and cobalt based standard coatings, tungsten carbide hard coatings.


  • Roll grinding, cylindrical grinding, super finish polishing services.
  • Custom manufacturing( roll, roller, shaft etc.)


Examples about our services

  • Press shaft manufacturing, hard chrome plating and grinding.
  • Cylinder bore hard chrome plating and grinding.
  • Journal bearing shell manufacturing, coating with nickel based thermal powder (spray -fuse ), grinding.
  • Mechanical Sealing Sleeve manufacturing, tungsten carbide coating and grinding.
  • Manufacturing of various pump pistons, ceramic coating (plasma spray).
  • Brake disc manufacturing, hard chrome plating, metal plating ( arc wire spray ) .
  • Manufacturing of various shafts, hard chrome plating (plasma spray),  tungsten carbide coatings and grinding.


Aluminium Roller / Ceramc Coating

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