Seperator Rollers

Corresponding to the needs of fiber – yarn production plants various types of tension rollers, feeder rolls, guide pulleys, projector pulleys,  separator rollers are produced.

Feed Roll products consist of various diameter and dimensions. In the production of rolls cone fitted and  designed for high rotational velocities steel materials are used. Surface is hard chrome plated. following with precision grinding and balancing processes, very low roughness value can be achieved by super finish polishing.

Tension Rollers are cone fitted and designed for high rotational velocities. Steel or aluminium alloys are used in rolls processed in CNC lathes. Working surface is coated with aluminium oxide, titanium dioxide or chrome oxide by plasma spray system  with respect to desired roughness values.

In Separator Rollers for shell material aluminium is preferred dependent on working conditions. These rollers’ processed with CNC lathes  surfaces nodular hard chrome is plated with different roughness values. Shell and shaft are assembled with high speed bearings forming the Separator Roll.

Grooved and  plane projector pulleys produced with CNC  lathes. Steel spools’  working surfaces are hard chrome plated. Spools operationalized by polishing. Aluminium spools’  working surfaces are ceramic coated ( plasma spray ) or nodular hard chrome plated.


Feed Rolls

Tenson Rollers

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