HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) systems can be divided as liquid fueled and gas fueled. Gas fueled systems use gases such as propylene, propane, hydrogen and natural gas. Liquid fueled systems use kerosene.

HVOF spray gun is designed to spray the melted thermal dusts at extreme velocities. As a result of  fuel-oxygen combustion inside of a chamber in the spray gun, thermal dusts diverted by the occured flame  collide with work piece at approximately 700m/sec forming a high quality coating.

With HVOF systems, high density coatings can be obtained. With high spraying velocity obtained high adhesion value is systems most superior feature.

This system is ideal for high hardness obtained dusts such as Tungsten Carbide and Chromium Carbide. With thermal powders containing various metal compositions and special thermal powder compositions containing Metal, carbide and ceramic together superior coatings can be obtained.


HVOF spray systems have advantages.


  • High bonding power
  • High density, low porosity
  • Very high hardness ( For Tungsten Carbide 1300 HV)
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance ( abrasion, adhesion, )
  • Homogenous texture, smooth surface
  • Good machinability ( turning, grinding, lapping, honing, super finishing )
  • Low oxidation, minimum impurity

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