• For Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plants,steam turbines and parts in steam systems reclamation by coating and grinding.

System parts such as control valves,  Stop valves, Valve bodies, Valve bearers, mills, shells, shafts, spreader shard chrome plating, thermal powder and wire coatings with thermal spray systems and grinding.

Manufacturing and coating of various parts such as rings, shells, shafts.

Boiler feeder pump rotor shaft coating and grinding.

Coating and grinding of parts such as plug and seat

  • Tungsten carbide coating of wheels and blades, bodies and covers Francis, Pelton and Kaplan type hydro plant turbines with HVOF system.

Turbine shaft journal coating and grinding.

  • Thermal powder spraying with HVOF and Plasma Spray and grinding operations for parts, working in thermal plant energy production processes.

Chrome carbide coating (HVOF Spraying) for Fan blade, pump shafts.

Mechanic sealing compound manufacturing, tungsten carbide coating for friction surfaces.

Boiler pipe coating with high corrosive and thermal resistant thermal wire materials ( Arc Wire Spray).

Steam Valve Repair ( Wire Spray coating and grinding )

Spring Clips / chrome carbide coating

Seat and Plug / coating and grinding

Hydroelectric Plant Turbine Blade / Tungsten carbide coating

Generator Shaft Machining

Generator Shaft Grinding

Blower shaft repair ( Coating and grinding )


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