ELKAP prefers approaching with solution partnership mentality for providing services to its customers. ELKAP considers a strong commercial relationship requires achieving desired results by playing an active role on customers problems.

ELKAP operations generally includes topics directly related with production processes. The performance of production line parts directly effect product quality. Therefore, perfection in part manufacturing and coating is required. For many times, colloborated engineering studies are needed to improve manufacturing quality, production rates.

Colloborated studies are conducted in different fields.

  • Studies in machine part design and manufacturing method.
  • Applicable material and welding technique studies.
  • Testing prototypes in the system.
  • Determining most suitable coating method and material, obtaining coating with best performance.
  • Obtaining optimum surface roughness for best performance.
  • Helping our customers to avoid any production halt in their plants.
  • Conducting research and development operations for our customers.

For operations like product development it is required to have a strong, trust based relationship between ELKAP and its customers. Many studies are conducted in regard to our customers demands and succesful results are obtained.

With its open for improvement mentality, ELKAP always supports its customers on surface technologies.

Research and Development operations include system improvements as well as being product oriented. Hard chrome electrolyte, thermal spray systems, cutting tools, machine designs are examples of our R&D operations.

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